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Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning Gold River, CA

Man and Dog on Upholstery Gold River, CA

Your Furniture Deserves the Best!

Children are experts when it comes to ruining great pieces of furniture. Whether its crayon, paint, or food that now adorns your new sofa, Chem-Dry Classic Gold River, CA has the powerful cleaning solutions to gently tackle and remove the offending stain. We have an array of stain and grime-fighting solutions without the harsh chemicals included in competitor cleaning brands. Whether its food or paint, sweat or dirt, our master technicians are equipped for your emergency. Don’t frown at upholstery pieces that have lost their gleam – call Chem-Dry Classic Gold River, CA to restore them to their original state. We offer affordable upholstery cleaning services, but without the loss of quality and efficiency you can expect from other upholstery steam cleaners.  Father and Son Napping on Upholstery Gold River, CA

At Chem-Dry Classic, we care about the earth as much as you do. Not only are our innovative services the best in the industry, but they’re all-natural and safe for your home, pets, and the environment. Our non-toxic solutions are free of harsh chemicals that you’ll find in the competitor’s products. At Chem-Dry Classic, we care about the environment just as much as you do, so you can expect us to provide upholstery cleaning services that take care of your furniture. Trust us to ensure the long life of your upholstery pieces with a professional cleaning regularly. If you haven’t had your sofa cleaned in a long time, it deserves a refresher! As the best in the industry we can promise to put all other companies to shame.

Our Carbonated Cleaning Process

We use an all-natural, crystal–clear carbonation solution that leaves behind no dirt attracting reside. Other carpet cleaning companies leave behind residue on your carpet that will act as a magnet to dirt and residue. You save money with Chem-Dry Classic because you won’t have to professionally clean your furniture as often. Another benefit of our carbonated cleaning process is the fast drying time. Since we aren’t using gallons of soapy water like other upholstery cleaners, your furniture can dry in just 1-2 hours, versus the 1-2 days required by most competitors! At Chem-Dry Classic Gold River, CA, we understand the big inconvenience that can be in your home.Chem-Dry Employee Cleaning Upholstery Gold River, CA

At Chem-Dry Classic Gold River, CA, we understand how important it is to keep a safe, clean home. Getting your upholstery professionally cleaned is important to keep furniture family-friendly, especially with all the frequent skin contact it receives during the day. Trust us to deep clean your furniture in a way that keeps them fresh for longer. Call today to hear how we can better serve you and your upholstery!